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Key Cutting and Programming

Ford have had several key systems over the years, and we can cut and program them all here at Harris On 4D. We do not use cloned keys as these cannot be used as remote key fobs, also they rely on a battery to maintain there programming, so if the battery runs out or you drop your key and the battery comes out, or if it gets wet etc etc then your car isn't going anywhere. Long story short they are bad news!

Ford Unsecured Keys
up to 1994

This system is simply a key cut for your vehicle no programming required.
Pricing - �20 (Prices Include Cutting For Your Vehicle)

Ford Red Key System -
1994 to 1998

This system involves a red master key and 2 other user keys. The purpose of the red key is to put the car into programming mode to allow further keys to be programmed to your vehicle. Once you insert the Ford red master key, your car will enter programming mode. Then a further 2 keys cut for your vehicle must then be cycled in the ignition, each one being programmed in turn.
If you have lost your Master red key then the only way to program further keys is using professional key programming equipment to program a new master key, only then may further keys be added.
Pricing - Red Key �20 + VAT, Slave Keys (Red Chip) �20 + VAT, Programming �40 +VAT. (Prices Include Cutting For Your Vehicle)

Ford 2 Key System
- 1998 to current

The transponders in the keys have varied over the years with this system. You must have at least 2 keys programmed for the vehicle. Once you have both keys programmed you can then add further keys without the need for professional equipment. This is done buy cycling the 2 programmed keys in your ignition in turn, thus putting your car into programming mode, then you can cycle a new key in the ignition and it will be programmed to your car.
Pricing - Key �20 +VAT, Programming �40 +VAT. (Prices Include Cutting For Your Vehicle)

Keys With Fobs

There are various Ford key fobs, depending on the model of your vehicle. We can supply any fob with or without the key blank, cut or not
Prices - Fobs from �39 + VAT, Key blank for fob from �4 +VAT
Transit Fob �47 + VAT


Ford Red KeyFord Red Key
Mondeo - Focus - Transit Fobs

Services We Offer

Repairs and Servicing Battery

Repairs And Servicing

Servicing is a necessary evil, and should always be undertaken at regular intervals. We fit only the parts needed according to your service schedule and fit genuine Ford motorcraft parts, whenever possible. This ensures the longevity and reliability of your vehicle, whether it be during a service or repair ...
Ford Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

We use Ford's own Integrated Diagnostics System (IDS) to diagnose your cars fault(s). This is the same system used by the main dealers, and is key to troubleshooting today's computer infested vehicles. We can also diagnose most other makes and models using our other diagnostic fault code reading systems ...
Key Cutting & Programming

Key Cutting And Programming

Need a spare key? Lost all of your keys? Never fear! We can supply or replace any Ford key and program them to you vehicle, at a substantially cheaper price than your main dealer GUARANTEED ...
MOT Testing


That time of year again? Not to worry we will sort it for you. We will never carry out any major repair work without consulting you first. Any small failures will be promptly repaired and your car re-tested on the same day wherever possible!! ...

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